About Us

Amax Mrketplace

Who is Amax?

Welcome to Amax! Before we introduce ourselves, we would like to thank you for visiting our site. With so many stores online it can be hard deciding which company to trust, right? We personally know how it feels to be scammed from multiple shops online, so we decided to create a company that will be 100% honest with our customers to create long-lasting trust. Let us introduce ourselves, we are Amax Marketplace an online retail company, based in the great city of Houston, Texas. Even though we may not be a big company, our goal isn’t to be the biggest company; our goal is to be the most trustworthy company where our customer’s comes first by giving them that great feeling and that smile of satisfaction.


Our “100% Honest” Policy

Here at Amax Marketplace we do not believe in false advertisements neither do we believe in deceiving our customers. What you see on the site will be exactly what you will receive in your mailbox. We promise to be 100% honest and transparency with each and every one of our customers.


At Amax, we like to be viewed as a company that you can believe in, a brand you can trust. Our mission is to help provide you with a great shopping experience, excellent quality merchandise with fast shipping and outstanding customer service. Amax stands behind Excellence, Equality and Positivity. We are devoted to ensuring that our valued customers have the best experience possible to be the number one preferred brand to shop for your needs.

You may not know us as a brand but we are confident, that your first purchase will serve as a benchmark of satisfaction for your future shopping needs. After this, you will be overly happy that you found a brand that you can trust and shop with confidence.