• Who is Amax?
    Amax: We are Amax Marketplace an online retail company based in Houston,Texas.


  • Why should I purchase from here?
    Amax: We strongly believe in being 100% honest with our customers by informing them with the right information for their purchasing decisions.


  • What will happen with my information?
    Amax: We understand your information is valuable and guarantee the information you provide will be stored very securely where it can not be hacked and taken and will not be sold to any 3rd party. View our privacy policy here.


  • If I have an issue how can I get it addressed?
    Amax: If any issue at all please go to the Contact Us page and send us a message about your issue and we will get back to you with a solution as soon as possible.


  • If I want to check my information on my order, how can I do that?
    Amax: Log-in into your account, click “orders” and all the information about your Order will be there.


  • What does open box mean?
    Amax: It mean that the item has been opened and the owner didn’t want it so they returned it back.


  • Will the open box items work?
    Amax: Yes, each product has gone through our Amax Inspection Department and has gone countless hours of testing to make sure they are in working conditions.


  • If I want information about upcoming deals or upcoming events how can I found out?
    Amax: You can visit our site in the “Blog” section or sign up for our “Newsletter” where we will send you all the information about any events or deals.


  • Is there a social media I can follow?
    Amax: Yes, we have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and a YouTube channel coming soon. You can scroll to the bottom of this page and click our social links or go on Facebook, Twitter and instagram and search “Amaxusa.”